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This category covers multiple issues you might run into when using Windows computer:

Disk management: How to manage your partitions and disks better on Windows computers? Give MiniTool Partition Wizard a try. The Partition Magic category contains multiple guides on how to how to delete recovery partition, recover lost partitions on SSDs, test USB drive speed, analyze full hard drive space, etc. using MiniTool Partition Wizard.

System issue troubleshooting: How to solve system issues? Under the Partition Magic category, you can find detailed tutorials on solving hot system issues like Critical Process Died, DPC Watchdog Violation, and more using the software.

Game issue troubleshooting: You can also get help from the Partition Magic category when running into game issues such as Minecraft LAN not working, Epic Games Launcher not working, etc.

Go and choose a guide works best for your case to manage disks, solve system issues, or troubleshoot game issues.

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